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Probably the worst types of people are the ones that shut you down to make themselves look cooler than you, for example if you get excited and squeal and they’re like “woah what was that..” or if you talk loudly because you’re passionate about something and they say “relax dude wow” and then give a look… Like fuck off stop trying to act so cool and collected. You don’t seem more mature you just seem fucking boring and monotonously placid.

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Who run the world? Prince Wu!

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YA Literature 6/? - The 5th Wave; Rick Yancey

“What doesn’t kill us sharpens us. Hardens us. Schools us. You’re beating plowshares into swords, Vosch. You are remaking us. We are the clay, and you are Michelangelo. And we will be your masterpiece.” 

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German Shepherd Dog painted in time for Halloween. (x)

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Zoom onlylolgifs:

Dogs use teamwork to get ball out of the pool


Dogs use teamwork to get ball out of the pool

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trying to decide on which selfie u wanna post


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Because a piece of gum told me to

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I have a bad habit of assuming I’ve annoyed people, and it usually ends up with me dropping communication and hoping they’ll be the ones to continue it.

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